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Detachable iPhone Battery
Let’s face it, we all forget to charger to our iPhones on a regular basis.  How many times have you left the house and it wasn’t until you were already late that you noticed you have next to no battery.  No more nursing that last 5% until you find an outlet.  With the Boostcase you get the best of both worlds.  A snap on case that protects your phone full time and a detachable battery sleeve that can save your life when you are in need of a little extra juice.  Now you can continue to try and get 3 stars on Angry Birds at the beach without worrying you will drain your battery and be phone-less.  The Boostcase snap case comes in a rainbow of colors and the battery sleeve comes in white or black.  It is stylish and slim so you do not have to worry about adding extra bulk to your phone just to have the added protection.

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