iBlink Blinking Eyes: Convert Anything Into a Conversation Piece

mhyser January 2, 2013 0

Remember those cute, cartoonish blinking eyes from old school comics and TV shows? Now you can get iBlink Blinking Eyes in real life. It will certainly bring a little humor office or your next party. Some people have created those huge goggly eyes but the blinking makes or breaks the look. No refrigerator, water cooler or anything you can suction the iBlink to is safe. They will not damage your furniture or wall paint since they attach via suction cups or you can always affix them permanently too. The iBlink Blinking Eyes will cling to walls, mirrors, windows, file cabinets, you name it, just about any flat surface will do. The coolest part is that the blink in sync with movement. Makes a great “security system” for your cubicle. The iBlink runs off 3 AAA Batteries.

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