Lifestraw: Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year

mhyser September 26, 2012 1

Whether you are lost in the wilderness or just in a desperate need of a drink, the closest watering hole can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Have you ever heard the stories of those contestants that come back from the show “Survivor” that have stomach problems and junk in their intestines for years to come. I guess they should have brought the LifeStraw along as their luxury item. A lot of good that hacky sack did you. The LifeStraw removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites and will work forever (well, up to 1000L). It is only 2 ounces, is chemical free and requires no batteries. Now that is convenience. It is also a perfect item to have in an emergency box like your hurricane, zombie attack or apocalypse emergency box. It will be greatly appreciated when you drink the last of your bottled H20. LifeStraw and LifeStraw Family were distributed in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2010 Pakistan floods, and 2011 Thailand floods.

Lifestraw – Safe Water When You Need It Most

Check It Out

Check It Out

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