Party Bombers Two-Part Disposable Shot Glasses

mhyser July 27, 2012 0


I am sure you have taking you fair share of party shots before but there is nothing worse then the day after clean up. No more dropping shots into half full glasses hoping that you filled them to the correct level. With Party Bombers Shot Cups an inner chamber holds 1 oz of your favorite booze and the outer chamber holds another 2.75 oz of the chaser beverage. Perfect party shot glasses for a Jägerbomb, Irish Car Bomb, Sake Bomb, Skittle Bomb, Cherry Bombs (Vodka and Red Bull) and more! Now you can party hard with spilling and making a mess then toss the cups. The leaves the morning after for what is was designed for Рnursing your hangover!

Bomb Shot Cups

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