Powerbreather Sealed Snorkel

mhyser November 24, 2012 0

Train like Michael Phelps with the new Powerbreather Sealed Snorkel. This cool device allows you to breath while doing your workout without having to come up for air. During your typical workout, there is increased pressure on your neck and you also tend to breath more as your body becomes fatigued. This strain and added breathing reduces your efficiency as you continue to workout. The Powerbreather Sealed Snorkel allows you to keep your head submersed during your workout since you will receive constant fresh air from the back-pressure value located behind your head. There is a second back-pressure valve located in the mouthpiece that allows you to exhale without any water entering the system. The breathing system is designed to help you concentrate on your workout and increase your productivity.

Check It Out

Check It Out

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