Wahoo Fitness Blue SC

mhyser August 5, 2012 0

Whether you are an avid cyclist or use your bicycle as your preferred method of exercise, the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC is just what you have been looking for. What is the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC you ask? First, it is a Bluetooth 4.0 bike speed and cadence sensor for your iPhone. Just connect this bad boy to your bike and it will transmit all the information wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad. no more detaching the unit or plugging in to get your data. It even works in tandem with other cycling apps like Cyclemeter and Strava. Now you can collect speed, cadence, location, map, time, pace, calories, workout history and more with ease. It also has an integrated internal odometer which means you can record lifetime bike mileage as well as week, month and year totals.

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“We’re excited to continue our expansion of the low energy Bluetooth 4.0 line of products as part of our mission to connect the iPhone to fitness activities. The Wahoo Blue SC is great because it requires no additional hardware to connect to the iPhone and collects all your critical cycling data, including the lifetime mileage on your bike.”
Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness

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