World Record Holding 7 Pound Hot Dog

mhyser September 17, 2012 0

Are you sick of those tiny little hot dogs? Do you have an appetite like Joey Chestnut but don’t want to cook 50 individual hot dogs? NO FEAR – the Big Hot Dog is here! This ginormous 7 pound 16 ounce hot dog will conquer any size appetite with some to spare. These dog are produced by a Chicago company that encourages customers to slice the hot dog into what ever size suits their fancy. This will:

  • Eliminate rolling or dropped dogs
  • Fits perfect on a hamburger bun
  • You decide the size of your “dog”
  • Feeds up to 50

This would be a perfect adding to any backyard BBQ, frat party or even some swingers gathers if you know what I mean!

Check It Out

Check It Out

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